About Tony Johnson Photography

 I love making people look and feel great.  We may run through a variety of setups and  several outfits, and you will be entertained throughout the process.  When we are done, we will have created a killer set of artwork that just happen to feature you.

Here are a couple of samples of what happens on a shoot:

color guard

She does color guard. We had been working inside on the cold winter day this was made.  One image I really wanted to create with her was some element of color guard--something that showed grace and movement.  It turns out there is not enough room in my space to do this justice.  However, it was not raining or wet outside, and she was wonderful enough to agree to work outdoors. 

I made sure she was bundled in blankets as I dialed in my settings to balance her against the environment.  Then mom (just outside of this frame) took the blanket and we made a few shots.  Between takes mom would wrap her back up with a blanket.  After all, I am all about keeping my subjects comfortable.  Yes...I realize she is barefoot on rocks, but she assured me it was fine :)


He is a traceur.  One who practices the art of parkour.  This is not Photoshopped.  He is not jumping on a trampoline.  This is real; you can tell he is very good at this art.  I had worked with him a couple of times before this take, so I knew what he was capable of and knew how I wanted to set this up this shot.   His parents are sitting nearby watching this.  I am freaking out -- first for his safety (he assured me this move is no big deal) and second because I know I can only get a few takes of this and I have to get it right.  Simply incredible.  

 My work has been published in a couple of books 

book sample

annual reports

annual reports/brochures

and most recently in a couple of Bainbridge Island publications




 self portrait